Innovations in medical equipment


Each year, VivanMediTech has strived for innovative solutions, providing healthcare facilities and professionals with the tools they need to provide outstanding patient care. During this time, we actively expanded the range of products, introduced modern technologies and developed partnerships with leading medical institutions.

Global Presence

With the emergence of new challenges and opportunities, VivanMediTech did not limit its activities only to Spain. We actively expanded our global presence, establishing partnerships with medical facilities in various countries and regions. Our equipment has become a reliable standard in global medical practice.

Patient-Oriented Innovations

Again and again, our focus remained on the patient. We have integrated technologies that make diagnosis more accurate, treatment more effective, and care more humane. Our innovations not only improve processes, but also improve the quality of life of those who need medical care.

Today and Forward

Today, VivanMediTech is not just a company providing medical equipment. We are an innovative partner in the world of healthcare, ready to solve future challenges. Our story is one of constant growth, improvement and striving to be the best for our clients and patients around the world.

our equipment

Diagnostic Systems

Our advanced magnetic resonance imaging provides doctors with high-quality images with maximum accuracy. The InnoScan Pro X-5000 system provides accurate diagnostics in a wide range of medical fields.

Medical Information System

Our medical information system offers modern solutions for managing medical practice. MedTech Insight Platform integrates electronic medical records, data analysis and information exchange tools to improve coordination and quality of care.

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Surgical equipment

A modern system for surgical interventions, providing a high degree of accuracy and maneuverability. SurgiTech Pro enables doctors to perform complex surgical procedures with maximum comfort and safety for patients.


"Cooperation with VivanMediTech turned out to be a real breakthrough for our clinic. Their innovative technologies not only increased the efficiency of our equipment!"

Alejandro Rodriguez

"VivanMediTech is a true professional in its field. Their equipment is not only reliable, but also easy to use. They also provide excellent technical support, always ready to help."

Isabel Martinez

"We chose VivanMediTech for the modernization of our clinic, and it was one of the best decisions. Their team is not only experts in their field, but also finds an individual approach to each client!"

Javier Garcia


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